Ultra STARPG™ is an imagining of what the visionaries of the 1980s would have given us if they'd had today's technology to make it with - lots of colors, bright neon lights, and fast-paced, intense gameplay with classic synthwave music to match! Ultra STARPG takes the classic twin-stick space shoot-em-up genre and adds depth and engagement with RPG mechanics, including 12 unique ships with their own abilities, customizable equipment loadouts, and a large variety of unique weapons and defensive items you can find as loot, with thousands of variations on each! Add to that an assortment of unique and challenging enemies, including larger-than-life bosses and mini bosses, and a story filled with intrigue and dark humor, and Ultra STARPG is sure to take players along on an epic synthwave adventure!

What does Ultra STARPG™ offer?

  • 12 ships, 24 unique weapon types, and 24 defensive item types
  • A story that takes you on a unique journey through the dimension of UltraSpace
  • A randomized item generation system that promises thousands of unique drops
  • A classic RPG level-up mechanic that allows you to power up your ships as you play
  • A skill chain that encourages you to level up all of your ships by allowing every ship to influence the options available for your other ships
  • An Ultra Sync system that lets you choose between maintaining a passive bonus or unleashing your energy for a single massive attack
  • A wide variety of unique enemies to keep gameplay interesting and engaging
  • Challenging game modes that provide multiple ways to interact with the game, even after the story is finished!

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About Sleeping Cat

Sleeping Cat Games is an indie studio made up if industry veterans who strongly believe in the indie scene and wanted to express our passion for games as an art. Between us, we have experience on numerous successful titles, ranging from smaller games to full-blown AAA MMORPGs. We subscribe to the belief that, if our games are fun and we treat our players right, the rest of being a game studio will take care of itself. We're a company of gamers, by gamers, and for gamers - we're all gamers ourselves, and we want to treat our players the way we like to be treated ourselves.

We make games because we love games, and the games we make are the games we want to play. We hope you will, too!